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Our Purpose

Create a more transparent, collaborative, and highly engaged democratic process that empowers grassroots leadership.

The OurSociety Experiment

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Ron Rivers Mayor

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OurSociety is a non-partisan 501c3 non-profit with the purpose of empowering you to connect deeper with your local communities and elected officials. 

The OurSociety Experiment was founded on the idea that the solution to many of our social, political, and economic problems could be solved with more democracy.  We believe in an innovative, inclusive, and experimental government and want to help foster creativity and engagement where it matters most, your local municipality.  OurSociety provides a number of tools to help you connect deeper with your community, provide greater transparency in government, and vote in a way that reflects your values and issues instead of political party.

This page is maintained by the OurSociety team.  Here we'll share ideas, concepts, plans, and more about how we plan to continue to improve OurSociety and the communities we serve.  We encourage you to add your suggestions for improving the platform here as well!

Most importantly OurSociety belongs to all of us, hence the "Experiment" aspect.  The technology exists to forever change our society, now it's up to us to use it! 


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Articles Policies, Plans, and Visions

Example Article
Distinctio asperiores eos est repudiandae asperiores consequatur est. Dicta magni enim voluptas ...

3 min read

Example Article
Repellat magnam enim veniam sit totam. Neque corrupti vel voluptatem error tenetur similique qua...

4 min read

Example Article
Optio ad eveniet cupiditate enim rerum. Officia eveniet cupiditate officiis odit iste. Quia aut ...

1 min read

Example Article
Ullam amet et modi quis provident occaecati. Et magnam eos velit et facere ea dolorem perferendi...

2 min read

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  • March 20, 2018 @ 6:31 AM – Example Event @ Example Location
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Community Contributors

Community Contributors are local citizens with a genuine interest in improving the community. They are not running for elected office but have taken the time to develop great ideas for Policies and Plans that could impact your municipality.

Take time to read through their thoughts and vote them Up or Down after you analyze the content. Your local elected officials will be reviewing popular concepts for implementation in your town!

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